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We Exist

We are dedicated to empowering students toward success! Organized to counter the educational challenges experienced amongst Georgia's under-served students,  KeyPoint Alliance was birthed from the firm belief that education is indeed the key to uplift the community.


We Help

We partner with local schools and communities to promote academic achievement, as well as personal and social development. We do this through workshops/seminars, providing information on college, financial literacy education, career exploration & preparation, assistance in secondary school reentry, entry into general educational development programs & post-secondary education, and more.

Our Core Values


It is critical that students are actively engaged in the process of their evolvement. KeyPoint Alliance provides academic, behavioral, and cognitive active learning approaches that allow students to become co-creators of knowledge rather than mere passive recipients of information. Our goal is to provide intellectual excitement, challenge, and fun for students. 


To broaden students' prospective and experiences beyond their environment, KeyPoint Alliance provides positive programming that educates and exposes students to impactful concepts, events, information, services and opportunities that enrich their lives and help to increase their drive and ambition to become successful students, thus productive adults.


We understand that many under-represented students feel the need to be heard, so we create an enriching environment by being non-judgmental, authentic, empathetic, uplifting and empowering. Such an environment encourages students to learn to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions in a respectful and meaniful way.

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